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Tech Assistive Project

Tech Assistive Project

The TechAssistive project is a groundbreaking collaboration between SOMA FOUNDATION RWANDA (SFR) and Key2Enable, aimed at breaking down barriers and bridging the digital divide for individuals facing impairments. It focuses on empowering individuals by providing innovative assistive gadgets that enhance their digital capabilities, fostering a more inclusive society.

To empower people with disabilities through technology

Develop tailored assistive technology to address diverse impairments, particularly focusing on motor impairments

Provide comprehensive training programs for effective integration of assistive technologies into daily life

Advocate for accessibility and inclusivity, raising awareness and promoting policies supporting digital inclusion.
  • Future Plans

    Expand the range of assistive gadgets, reach out to a wider user base, and collaborate with advocacy groups to further promote digital inclusivity. We plan to provide assistive gadgets to all rehabilitation centers and in 10 schools.

  • Impact and Progress

    - Current Impact: Distributed assistive gadgets to 5 homes and 10+ individuals, witnessing increased digital engagement and independence.

    - Progress: Ongoing training programs have shown promising results in enhancing users' digital skills and confidence

  • Partnerships and Collaborations

    TechAssistive collaborates with Key2Enable, local disability organizations, and governmental bodies to maximize its reach and impact.

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