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The Shape Project is a transformative initiative dedicated to shaping the futures of young people by providing comprehensive support to turn their dreams into reality. It focuses on education, mentorship, and holistic development, covering tuition fees, providing scholastic materials, and offering invaluable mentorship. The program has already benefited 20 individuals and left a lasting impact on the lives of more than 30 individuals since its inception.

To shape the futures of young people through education, mentorship, and holistic development

Provide financial assistance for tuition fees and scholastic materials

Offer mentorship and guidance to support personal and academic growth.
  • Future Plans

    Expand the program's reach, increase the number of beneficiaries, and enhance mentorship programs for a broader impact.

  • Impact and Progress

    - Current Impact: Positively impacted the lives of 20 beneficiaries and reached over 30 individuals with its programs.

    - Progress: Witnessed a positive impact on the lives of five beneficiaries, extending support to over ten individuals

  • Partnerships and Collaborations

    The Shape Project collaborates with educational institutions, local communities, and mentors to provide comprehensive support to young individuals.

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