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The "Inclusive Home-Based Literacy Program" is an integral initiative within the TechAssistive project, dedicated to addressing literacy challenges faced by children with disabilities in Rwanda. Beyond literacy, it also aims to create employment opportunities for educators and facilitators, acting as a catalyst for community empowerment and fostering inclusivity.

To be a transformative initiative for children with disabilities, empowering them to overcome educational barriers and unlock their full potential through tailored literacy education.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations

    The program collaborates with World Connect, Rwanda Education Board, and SOLVIT Africa, and other local communities and educational institutions to ensure the success and sustainability of its interventions.

  • Impact and Progress

    Improves Literacy Skills: Enhancing literacy skills to empower children academically and in life.

    Creates Model for Inclusive Education: Serving as a replicable model for inclusive education, adaptable for various disabilities and regions.

    Tackles Unemployment: Creating employment opportunities for educators, contributing to community economic growth.

  • Long-Term Vision

    The program's long-term vision within TechAssistive aims to expand its reach to every cell in Rwanda within five years, making a significant and lasting impact on the lives of children with disabilities across the country. This visionary initiative uses technology to promote inclusive education for a brighter, more equitable future.

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